Do you love technology? Like to tackle hard problems? Want to work across industries? Consider working for us!


We pride ourselves on hiring super-sharp people and offering them opportunities in a variety of industries and companies. Our teams often work on cutting edge technologies where they get to expand their knowledge at gain valuable new skills. They also get to work with C-level principals and closer to top execs at clients.


We value our team members and treat them that way. With many of our client projects, we offer flexible work schedules and telecommuting. We don’t believe that professionals need micromanaging so we hire self-starters who want to manage their own work and time.


For team members working in our location, we offer a casual environment. Many of our clients do as well. We also offer:

  • Healthcare benefits package
  • Bonus and Incentive opportunities
  • 401k plan
  • Overtime pay

We know that not everyone wants to be a W-2 and some clients need to offload headcount. That why we offer flexible employment including full-time salary, hourly, and independent 1099 contractor options.


Many previous team members have accepted full-time positions with our clients. We’re thrilled to see them build their careers and happy that we get to continue to work with many of them.


  • “I had the pleasure of being part of one of the most professional and tech-savvy organizations I’ve ever worked for with, New Point Solutions. As the Director of Professional Services for New Point, I was part of the team that supported Sylvan Learning in the transformation of their legacy systems to new mobile platforms. The New Point management team was superb in supporting this effort in the most professional and ethical manner and without them, my efforts would have been more difficult.”

    • Nelson Wiscovitch,
  • “I was hesitant at first, having never worked as a consultant/contractor prior to my assignment here with Verizon. My experience was very positive. New Point/Loginsoft provided me the opportunity to start work at Verizon immediately, in a key product management position in a very dynamic environment. It enabled me to gain the experience and respect required to ultimately hire on as a full-time employee in an important role.
    The HR team at New Point handled all of the essential administrative and operational tasks with efficiency and accuracy, allowing me to focus solely on my work for Verizon. They were accommodating and flexible when it came to work schedule, benefits, and other matters that arose and required attention. I am grateful for the opportunity Loginsoft made possible for me, and has resulted in my very favorable career progression.”

    • Verizon – Product Management
  • “I think what makes Loginsoft an exceptional organization is its top management. New Point has some of the best technical minds, and hence very aware of cutting edge technologies, industry standards. That enables them to help/guide employees accordingly. They always look at the bigger picture rather than focusing on bottom-line. Employees are treated like collaborators in providing innovative technical solutions to customers rather than head counts. New Point’s managers always encouraged me to grow and evolve as technologist. I enjoyed working for Loginsoft for several years and frankly, it’s one of the best work environments I have seen. They always keep employees first and guided me whenever needed but never micromanaged me. As a result, I and other employees of Loginsoft were able to provide excellent technical IT services to one of the top telecommunication companies in the world.
    I also feel that the HR department has been one of its greatest strengths. They go above and beyond just on boarding new resources and payroll. They always lookout for employees needs and go an extra mile to provide any flexibility needed to address individual employee needs. New Point HR is top notch in terms of values and behaviors they bring in the company.”

    • Novartis Pharmaceuiticals, Vblock – Virtualization Gemini Transformation SPOC North and South America
  • New Point provided me an excellent opportunity to work with them with various prominent customers on theirs in the IT engineering and management space. They were flexible in allowing me to work in the city of my choice and offered opportunities to grow as I transitioned from a pure software developer to an IT project manager and leader.
    Their management and HR team took very good care of my needs, for example by providing special health insurance to cover maternity expenses when my kids were born. Any payroll or general requests were answered promptly even well after I left Loginsoft to pursue another opportunity.
    New Point helped me complete my US green card and supported me with excellent legal counsel throughout the process.

    • SmartCloud Infoservices Pvt. ltd., VP – Software Development and IT

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