Along with our sister company, LoginSoft, we provide end-to-end solutions. Clients engage us for work ranging from a SharePoint development project to post merger integration and consolidation, involving dozens of resources for short and extended periods of times.

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced technical professionals work independently or within and alongside your team. Working with our senior leaders, you decide the best way to engage. We’re flexible and you will find us to be a true part of your team, seamlessly integration with your organization.

New Point’s clients rely on us as their trusted advisors. We work hard to earn their confidence and don’t take it lightly. That’s why clients often hire us for additional work. You’ll even find our leaders supporting clients at executive staff meetings and board meetings.

With New Point, you can expect:

Rapid Impact

We bring our Cross-Industry business expertise to help come to solutions from different perspectives. That said, we have deep experience in Industries such as Telecom, Media, Healthcare and Financial service. We’ve also worked with varying organizations of varying size and stages from startups to Fortune 100. As such, you‘ll find that we are able to quickly have an impact.


Independent insight/Fresh perspective

Since we are not in the trenches and up against day-to-day deadlines and internal constraints, we provide objective, external insight in to your core issues and make recommendations to help you achieve your goals most expediently and cost-effectively.


Truth, delivered respectfully

We promise to always tell you what we truly believe while showing respect for you and your team members.

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